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Try Dutch

Interview with Walter /
Interview met Walter

In this section you are going to listen to an interview. You will hear a woman called Anne-Mie asking lots of questions to a young guy named Walter. What she’s asking him and what he is saying is for you to find out. At the end you will be able to answer some questions in Dutch yourself.

What does Dutch sound like?

Below you find a list of Dutch words. Some of them you will hear in the interview, others you won’t. Click on each word separately for a translation and a recording of the pronunciation. Please listen up! Each word will be said twice to give you the chance to repeat after the speaker. So try to use your very best Dutch pronunciation.

Then listen a couple of times to the conversation between Anne-Mie and Walter. Try to tick off as many words you think you hear Anne-Mie or Walter use.

kom a
twee b
twaalf c
studie d
interessant e
hier f
jaar g
stad h
week i
rijst j
favoriete k
dank u l

>Click play to watch the interview
(fast internet connection recommended)

>Click play to listen to the interview

What are they talking about?

Listen to the interview again, but now read the >transcript at the same time . After you have done so try to answer the following questions in English. Click on words and phrases if you need a translation. But see if you can have a go first at answering the questions without looking up translations.


  1. Where does Anne-Mie work? >check your answer
  2. Does Walter mind being interviewed? >check your answer
  3. Where does Walter come from? >check your answer
  4. Where is Zwolle? >check your answer
  5. What does he do in Utrecht. >check your answer
  6. What does he do in London? >check your answer
  7. How long has he almost been in London for? >check your answer
  8. What does he think about London? >check your answer
  9. What does he do on Saturdays and Sundays? >check your answer
  10. What are his hobbies? >check your answer
  11. Why does he mention Australia? >check your answer

How do I say it?

Try to complete the following conversation by typing your answers in the text fields. You may not understand every single word but that’s not always necessary. Try to guess overall meanings by using the context. If you're really stuck, you can click on any sentence for a translation. To fill in the gaps you have to use phrases and words you have encountered before in this and in other sections.

This is the situation:

You're on a holiday in Amsterdam. It's a Friday afternoon, a beautiful summer's day and you're enjoying a drink on a terrace. You are by yourself because your tireless friends are buying some postcards around the corner. The terrace is quite full and a young guy named Ben points to the empty chair next to you.

Ben >Hoi. >Is die vrij?


Ben >Mooi weer vandaag, hè? >Ben jij een toerist?


Ben >Hoelang ben je al in Amsterdam?


Ben >Wat vind je van Amsterdam?



Ben >In het weekend? >Ik ga naar een film of ik ga naar een concert met mijn vrienden.


Ben >Nou, de nieuwe film van Brad Pitt. >Oh nee, het is 2 uur! >Ik moet weg! 59 >Nog veel plezier in Amsterdam! >Doei!