Try Dutch

Introduction / Introductie

Welcome to TRY DUTCH.

Are you interested in Dutch? Curious how Dutch sounds? Wondering how difficult, or easy it is? Perhaps you are thinking of studying Dutch?

Then here is your opportunity to have a go at the language yourself and experience what it is like to learn Dutch from scratch.

You can work through the pack all by yourself or you can do it in class. No knowledge of Dutch is required.

Dutch is the official language of The Netherlands and of Flanders, the northern region of Belgium. That makes for 22 million Dutch speakers.

As you will see throughout the pack Dutch and English are closely related because they belong to the same Germanic language group.

In this pack you will have the opportunity to listen to some Dutch. We have included a fragment of a popular Dutch song and an interview with a Dutch student in London.

After you have listened to those Dutch fragments, and answered a few questions, you can also use some Dutch yourself in a short dialogue

Enjoy the pack. And, once more welcome or as we say it in Dutch WELKOM!