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Video tutorials

Robert O'Toole, from the University of Warwick (and HumBox member), has made some video tutorials explaining how to use HumBox.

Advice on copyright

Follow the link below to work through an online guide which will offer advice on copyright and IPR issues when uploading resources to HumBox.

Online copyright helper

Getting started on HumBox

A basic guide to getting started on HumBox: The Guide

Advice on tagging in HumBox

Advice on good practice in tagging: Tagging on HumBox

Guide on attributing correctly in HumBox

A guide giving advice on attributing materials effectively on HumBox: Attributing effectively.

Checklist for sharing and reviewing

Use these checklist questions as a guide to reviewing and commenting on resources, and to assist you in deciding how and which resources to upload to HumBox: Checklist

This page is still under construction. If you have any questions contact the project team (humbox@soton.ac.uk)